Expect impressive


The measure of success certainly includes logistical and operational project management, budgets and reporting, along with a myriad of tiny details. But, one of the most rewarding measures of success is the feedback we get. For our clients too, the feedback they get from their customers illustrates the ongoing value event create, months and years after, building deep long-term relationships. That value is beyond measure.

We want to impress you

We've done a lot. But not everything. That makes it exciting for us, creating something no one has done before. Not only should you expect to be impressed, you should expect to be surprised and delighted.

Underpinning this innovative and imaginative approach is a massive depth of experience. We could try and give you a broad overview of what that covers, but the fact is we tailor incentives and recognition programmes to specific needs. No two events are the same. That's what makes HOT Events so unique and so successful.

Perhaps the best way to show how effective HOT Events has been is to share a snapshot of some past impressive events.

A multi-level incentive program for a national company

The Challenge:

The challenge was to take 24 individual groups, mould them into three different destinations according to budget, and to deliver an experience that was more memorable and exceeded the previous one in terms of location and unique offerings.


This media company sells major advertising packages to their customers, who are able to qualify for incentive trips depending on whether they fulfill certain criteria.

How we did it:

The HOT Events team, in consultation with the client management team, created a unique set of programmes for these groups and their clients, successfully meeting the client brief for a new experience. Drawing on the success of previous events for this client, the HOT Event team created a new and novel event for each destination that our clients would enjoy.

Budget planning and innovative event planning go together. Creative buying arrangements with airlines and hotel chains at the chosen location ensured a unique experience for each group.

Each of these 24 groups was accompanied by two HOT Events staff members. This in effect meant approximately 200 days manpower required outside of the office.

For this annual event, we sourced three locations that would offer a memorable experience to each customer. For the groups travelling to Rarotonga, we negotiated an excellent hotel deal, as well organising an array of activities such as snorkelling.

In Bali, we organised dinners that reflected the culture of the Balinese people. Our aim is to always create an experience that is unique for each client, and in Bali we achieved this.

In total, HOT Events organised in the region of 1,200 flights, 3,000 room nights, 5,000 dining experiences and 3,000 sightseeing trips. Part of the challenge was to organise an entire event that flowed seamlessly from one activity to another, in a suitable location and covering a short duration of time (four nights).

The blend of our HOT Events team, with their own abilities and personal qualities, coupled with high professional standards, ensured that our client was able to spend quality time with their customers.

How we keep doing it:

We always want our clients to enjoy the best locations, cuisine, sightseeing visits and experiences that many of them dream of. For us, it is about sourcing the best possible products to ensure that every event we organise exceeds the expectations of our clients and provides them with an experience they are unlikely to have anywhere else. We work directly with the hotels and tourism operators in each destination to organise experiences that are unique and representative of each country or region the event will be held in.

Our challenge is always to source unique locations and different experiences, so that every client comes away having had a memorable yet relaxing time, saying: "Wow, we want to do this again next year!"